Agent321 is a nonprofit Organization that takes care of connecting Commercial Agents and Sales Agents to Companies that are Looking for Agents all over the World.

Agent321 organizes Fairs of Commercial Agents Search. “Agents Expo” is the international brand that identifies these exhibitions. Now, Agents Expo Italy is the only current exhibition and its name is Forum Agenti. Agents Expo Spain and France are being defined.

International Commercial Agents Search

Thanks to International Agreements signed with the main Organizations dealing in the Search of Commercial Agents and with many Institutional Partners, Agent321 embodies the greatest Network of websites suited for Principals looking for Commercial Agents all over the World.

Agent321 is a nonprofit organization at the service of Commercial Agents.
Our motto, as it is written in first sentence of the statute, is “do everyday something useful for at least one Commercial Agent”. This is our main mission.