Commercial Agents Expo

Agent321 organizes Fairs of Commercial Agents Search. “Agents Expo” is the international brand that identifies these exhibitions. Now, Agents Expo Italy is the only current exhibition and its name is Forum Agenti. Agents Expo Spain and France are being defined.

What a Fair of Commercial Agents Search is

Agents Expo is a fair entirely dedicated to Job Interviews between Commercial Agents looking for Principals and Principals Looking for Commercial Agents.

Companies interesting in finding New Commercial Agents, participate in the Fair as “Exhibitors” .

Commercial Agents, Brokers, Distributors etc. willing to be appointed for New Mandates, participate as “Visitors”.

The entrance to Agents Expo is free for Commercial Agents.
The participation to Agents Expo is paid by Principals looking for Agents.

Agents Expo in Italy is Forum Agenti

For now, the only Country where Agent321 holds Agents Expo, that are Fairs dedicated to Agents Recruitment Interviews, is Italy. The name of the Italian exhibition is Forum Agenti.

Forum Agenti took and will take place in several Italian cities (Milan, Rome, Naples etc.).

The most international edition of Agents Expo is the one taking place in Milan, the economic capital of Italy, every year at the end of November: Forum Agenti Milan.