International Commercial Agents Search

Thanks to International Agreements signed with the main Organizations dealing in the Search of Commercial Agents and with many Institutional Partners, Agent321 embodies the greatest Network of websites suited for Principals looking for Commercial Agents all over the World.

How the Search of International Agents works

First, it is necessary to know what you want: in which country do you want to find Commercial Agents?
Every country is different, both for number of agents and type: please contact our Staff for more information about how commercial agents work in each country.
Once you have chosen in which country (or in which countries), you want to find your Commercial Agent, let’s see how the Search of International Agents works:
A) The Principal fills in the order form.
B) Our Staff starts working on the advertisement.
C) Our Staff publishes online the advertisement on a dedicated web page.
D) The advertisement is sent by mail to Commercial Agents.
E) The agents answer directly to your advertisement.

Companies looking for Commercial Agents can count on more than 390,000 Commercial Agents who sign-ed up for our services from around the world.

How much it costs the Search of International Agents

The service of “Commercial Agents Search” is totally free of charge for the Representative Agents.
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The Services of “Commercial Agents Search” are paid by Principals.
The cost for one research of Commercial Agents is 990,00 Eur.
The cost of the Agents Search includes:
The realization and the online publication of a web page with your advertisement for 30 days.
The translation of your advertisement into the spoken language of the country of interest.
The transmission of your advertisement to the commercial agents potentially interested in.
The publication of your advertisement in the “monthly newsletter” made up of all researches of commercial agents, sent to 390, 000 signed-up worldwide agents.
The "100% success guaranteed” formula.