Our Mission

Agent321 is an organization at the service of Commercial Agents.
Our motto is “do everyday something useful for at least one Commercial Agent”. This is our main mission.

Web Search of Commercial Agents

Thanks to International Agreements signed with the main Organizations dealing in the Search of Commercial Agents and with many Institutional Partners, Agent321 embodies the greatest Network of websites suited for Principals looking for Commercial Agents all over the World.
Companies looking for Commercial Agents can count on more than 390,000 Commercial Agents who sign-ed up for our services from around the world.
The services of “Commercial Agents Search” are free of charge for the Representative Agents.
The Services of “Commercial Agents Search” are paid by Principals.

Search of Commercial Agents during Trade Shows

Besides the web as a traditional tool for the search of Commercial Agents, Agent321 is partner of many Trade Shows in the world.
Agent321 attends the Show and, in cooperation with the Exhibition, organizes a Targeted service of Agents Search for the Exhibition itself.

Exhibitions for the Search of Commercial Agents

Agent321 is the organizer of veritable Exhibitions for the Search of Agents.
For the time being, Agent321 organizes only one Exhibition that is Forum Agenti Italy. Its main edition takes place at the end of November, in Milan.
Anyway, it is planning to organize similar exhibitions in other European Countires.

Legal Services for Commercial Agents

The Legal Team of Agent321 is made up of the best Legal Experts specialized in Commercial Agents.
Agency Agreements, Consulting, Legal Opinions are just some of the services that Agent321 is able to offer to Agents and Principals.

Agent321 Studies Centre

Where Commercial Agents can be found in the world, which the sectors where they play an essential role are, how they operate, what they consume.
The Studies Centre of Agent321 can answer to these and many other questions.